How well can you A.D.A.P.T?
bility Demonstrated in the Absence of Planning Thoroughly)

KC's Ultimate Ranch Race is designed to test the skill of both horse and rider over a rugged outdoor course
navigating obstacles and performing duties that a cowboy might face in his daily work on a ranch.  Exhibitors
will be judged at each obstacle on their horsemanship and their horse's performance, and timed over the entire
course.  At designated times, exhibitors may walk the course in order to map out their strategy!  Stalls are
available for $20 per day (sawdust included), call or email to reserve your stalls!!
2008 series dates:
May 10
June 7
Friday, August 15 @ 7:00 P.M.  $60 entry fee.
September 6
October 4
Race starts promptly at  1:00 P.M.
Exhibitors may walk the course at noon on the show dates.
Entry fees are $50 per horse/rider team.  Payback 50%, paying 1 place for every 5 entries.  An exhibitor may
show more than one horse.  The series end awards will be given to the same rider/horse team

We offer an incentive class for the less experienced riders.  These compete on the same course but are placed
separately.  Incentive riders have the opportunity to win both pots!  Show committee reserves the right to label
exhibitors as incentive riders.  This will be determined at the time of entry.

The course is available for practice for a fee of $20 per horse, per visit, with no time limit.  Please schedule an
appointment for this.

Obstacle may include, but are not limited to:
Bridge, water & muddy crossings, dismount & lead horse, unsaddle & ride bareback, ground tie & pick up
horse's feet, log jump, step through deadfall, put on a rain slicker, ride through cowboy curtain, sidepass, open
gates, cattle work, roping, pony a horse, sprint & stop your horse, lead changes, roll backs & spins, step up &/or
step down, river ride.

Clinics & private lessons are currently being scheduled to prepare for the upcoming races.  Please call or email
to schedule yours!  These are affordable and custom designed to cultivate interest in this aspect of enjoying your
horse.  We want to safely introduce you & your horse to these various obstacles.
KC's Ultimate Ranch Race 2008
May 10th Race Results:
1st=$105 CASH & a new bridle donated by Maplebrook Tack:  Dave Trehorn
2nd=$70 CASH & George Forman grill:  Rich Bradshaw on Dundee
3rd:  Rich Bradshaw, Burton, OH on Blondy
4th:  Jeff McNish, Middlefield, OH
5th:  Crystal Burr, Burton, OH
6th:  Jesse McNish, Middlefield, OH
7th:  Alex Caywood, Burton, OH
Ray Bard JR. riding Diesel, a Spotted Draft gelding, through the water obstacle.
June 7th Race Results:
1st=$75 CASH:  Kelly Walther, Litchfield, OH
2nd:  Crystal Burr, Burton, OH
3rd:  Rachael G., Solon, OH
Lake County Fair Race results, held 8/15/08:
1st= $419.20 CASH:  Dave Z., Fredonia, PA riding Korn Dawg
2nd= $314.40 CASH:  Bill Jovenall, Transfer, PA riding Skips Dotted Posie
3rd= $235.80 CASH:  Jesse Bradshaw, Girard, PA riding Shorty, owned by Jim Weise
4th= $157.20 CASH:  Jeff McNish, Middlefield, OH riding Kit
5th= $117.90 CASH:  JR Holland, Burton, OH riding Tony Romo
6th= $65.50 CASH:  Jesse McNish, Middlefield, OH riding Pixy
7th= Jami McNish, Middlefield, OH riding Eddie, owned by Rick Blasklee
8th= Patrick Cooper, Chesterland, OH riding Dudley, owned by Bob Troyer
9th= Patrick Cooper, Chesterland, OH riding Bubba, owned by Linda Bradshaw
10th= Stephanie Jeray, Perry, OH riding Five Star
Cody Zorn on Doc
Jesse McNish on Pixy
Besty Philips on Clipper
Barb  Simkoff on Cutter
Dave Z. on Korn Dawg
JR Holland on Tony Romo
Crystal Burr on Reba
Thank you to all the exhibitors and sponsors for your support!!
September 6th Race Results:
1st=$100 CASH:  Bill Jovenall, Transfer, PA riding Skips Dotted Posie
2nd:  Kathy DeHass, Millersburg, OH riding Bonnie Blue
3rd:  Kathy DeHass, Millersburg, OH riding Rocket
4th:  Kathy DeHass, Millersburg, OH riding Sam

1st=$75 CASH:  Crystal Burr, Burton, OH riding Reba
2nd:  Susie Wiley, Sharpsville, PA riding Montana's Drifter
October 4th Race Results:
No entries.

1st=$90 CASH:  Crystal Burr, Burton, OH riding Reba
2nd=$60 CASH:  Tabitha Sargent, Windham, OH riding Leigha
3rd:  Kathleen Bailey, Ravenna, OH riding Jesse
4th:  Megan Dye, Perry, OH riding Missy
5th:  Joe Kozlevcar, Mentor, OH riding Missy
6th:  Crystal Tacke, Streetsboro, OH riding Dreamer
Thank you all for your participation & support.  Way to A.D.A.P.T!!!
Crystal Burr on Reba crossing the big bridge
Tabitha Sargent ponying a
horse during her run.
Kathleen Bailey taking Jesse through
the round bale squeeze
Crystal Tacke navigating Dreamer
around the pinwheel