Craig Cameron's Extreme Cowboy Race 2008,'09 & '10
Equine Affaire 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Casey Pierce & Pure Kitty Lena placed 4th overall out of 35 entries in Craig Cameron's
Extreme Cowboy Race held on April 12 & 13, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio!!!  We had the fastest
time in both rounds!!  Here are some pictures from that event:
The Ability Demonstrated in the Absence of Planning Thoroughly!!!
KC's Quotable Quote:

"Humility is the
embarrassment you feel
when you tell people how
wonderful you are."
Columbus, Ohio
Casey Pierce riding Just A Little Plan.  Out of 36 entries, we were in 2nd
place after the first go.  We finished in 3rd place overall bringing home
$750 and misc. prizes!!  
Waiting outside for the results.......................

Halle Pierce, Casey Pierce on Just A Little Plan, Jerri Hutcheson & Ken Pierce

Below we are receiving 3rd place awards!!
Columbus, OH
April 8, 9 & 11
Out of 29 entries, KC & Cash finished 6th in the 1st go and tied for 1st in the finals.  After the
pre-determined tie-breaker, Cash placed 2nd in the finals, winning $1500!
Cash is a 9 yr. old black Appaloosa gelding is owned by Bruce Gunstra of Layfayette, IN and has
been in training with Casey for only 6 months.  He was put into training because he reared and
would not canter or do any type of ring work.  Casey is very proud of Cash's progress!
Casey & Gunner were sitting in 1st place after the 1st go, ahead of the pack by 7 points.  They
performed bridleless, wearing only a halter & lead rope.  Gunner placed 3rd in the overall standings
earning a paycheck of $750!!  During the awards ceremony, Craig Cameron commented on what an
accomplishment it is to enter 2 horses in an event, qualify 2 horses for the finals and take home 2
paychecks!!  We're already looking forward to next year, Casey always tries to ride different horses
each year to showcase her skills, make plans now to be there!!
Coagi Long, Cash & Casey, and Craig Cameron
AWARDS PRESENTATION:  2nd Place overall
$1500 prize
Coagi Long, Gunner & Casey, and Craig Cameron
AWARDS PRESENTATION:  3rd place overall
$750 prize