Equine Affaire 2011 & 2012
Talents Poco Cowboy
Third Place
Bayo Diva Alessia
Reserve Champion
Versatile Horse & Rider Competition
Casey showed 2 horses in the VHRC and finished second & third out of 36 entries!

*Reserve Champion, winning $1750 = Bayo Diva Alessia
*Third Place, winning $1000 = Talents Poco Cowboy

Diva Alessia also participated in the Andalusian breed demos and spent time in their
breed booth to meet new folks interested in the Lusitano.

Below you will find pictures & video links to see them in action!
Versatile Horse & Rider Competition
Casey once again showed 2 horses, finishing First & Second!!

**Champion, winning $2500 = Talents Poco Cowboy
**Reserve Champion, winning $1750 = Bayo Diva Alessia

Bayo Diva Alessia was also featured in the Pfizer Fantasia and the Andalusian
& Lusitano breed demos and their breed booth.
KC & Bayo Diva Alessia
performing in Fantasia and the breed demos!