Q:  May I come to visit my horse while he's there in training?
A:  We have an open door policy here at KC's "tReining" Center and welcome you any time, day or

Q:  Does my horse need a current Coggins test?
A:  No, not it's a requirement but we do encourage it.  A current Coggins test (dated wiithin 1 year) is
always a good idea to have when hauling your horse and interacting with other horses.

Q:  Do you require a shot record?
A:  We do not require it, but we
STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting your horse's immune system
strengthened by boostering his yearly vaccinations, especially intra-nasal strangles.

Q:  Will my horse be turned out?
A:  We will plan your horse's turn out based on your wishes and his work schedule.

Q:  When are the training or boarding fees due?
A:  Typically, training & boarding fees are due when the horse first arrives.  We can pro-rate the fee
to a particular date if you wish so that's it's due on that same date each month.

Q:  Will my horse need to be shod?
A:  Depending on your goals for him, your horse may need shoes to enhance his performance and/or
protect his feet.  

Q:  Do you have barn hours?
A:  No, we welcome you here day or night, we just ask that you turn the lights off when you leave!
KC's Quotable Quote:  "The only stupid question is the one you don't ask."