* Training:  $850 per month.  This includes full care board with turn out and 1 lesson each week for you.  This
time each week is set aside to keep you involved with and informed of your horse's progress.  
NOTE:  these lessons are optional & must be used while your horse is here & in training, they DO NOT
accumulate for later use.***
 Horses are worked 5 to 6 days per week.  Horses should be enrolled in training for
a minimum of 3 months, this allows sufficient time for my equine students to more fully process and retain
new information.  Even though there are no guarantees with horses, I have a much better success rate with
the horses who remain in my program for at least 3 consecutive months.  Training fees, in all or in part, will not
be refunded for any reason.

TRAINING SPECIALS:   3 month package - pay for 3 months in advance and receive a 10% discount = $2295, you save $255!

6 month package - pay for 5 months in advance and receive 6th month free = $4250, you save $850!!

2 or more horses during the same month = $800 each

* Boarding:  $375 per month.  Full care, includes all feed & feeding, watering, sawdust, stall cleaning & turn out.  All you do is show
up at your convenience and enjoy your horse!!  Supplements &/or extra feed must be paid for or provided by you and will be fed at no
extra charge.  See below for many other boarding options...

*** Deluxe Worry Free Full Care Boarding Package:  $625 per month (must sign a 1 year contract).  In addition
to the full care provisions, this package also includes:

~ paste de-worming twice a year, spring & fall
~ daily wormer
~ hoof supplement for maintenance
~ fastrack, a powdered probiotic which helps to balance the digestive tract and optimize feed use and
minimize the chance for colic
~ Equi-Lix supplement block available free choice
~ farrier needs, routine shoeing or trimming every 6-8 weeks, as well as replacing lost shoes as needed
~ routine yearly vaccinations:  rhino/flu, tetanus, E & W encephalomyelitus, rabies, west nile, potomoc horse
fever & intra-nasal strangles
~ one routine dental float each year
~ sheath cleaning, if applicable  

This is a worry free complete horse care package, no more co-ordinating your schedule with the vet, farrier or
dentist waiting out in the cold or heat for them to arrive.  This allows for a fixed budget so no fretting about
where to get the extra money for these services.  Your time available with your horse can be spent enjoying
him, not working with the vet, farrier or dentist!  

* Pasture Board (open run-in shed for shelter):  $275 per month includes hay, grain & Equi-Lix Block

Retirees:  $325 per month.  Long term boarding arrangements for retired horses who are no longer in any
type of use.  These are full care arrangements which include a stall, extended turn-out when appropriate and
maintenance levels of grain & hay.  Supplements &/or special diet needs are arranged on an individual basis
and charged accordingly.   

Lay-ups:  $15 per day.  Short term boarding arrangements for horses who have special needs, perhaps
recovering from injury or illness.  These are customized full care arrangements which include a stall, turn-out
(if appropriate) and maintenance levels of grain & hay.  Supplements &/or special diet needs are arranged on
an individual basis and charged accordingly.  Other special needs are arranged for and charged accordingly.

Lay-overs, overnight stabling:  $20 per horse per night.  You provide the feed, we provide the stall & sawdust
and also clean the stall for you.  We are located on a main highway with easy access located about halfway
between Interstates 90 & 80.  There is a large parking area to accommodate any size rig.  If you are travelling
long distances you can stop here for the night & turn your horse out in a paddock or exercise him in our large
indoor arena.  There are hotels nearby or electricity & water available if you have a self contained camping
unit.  The fee to camp overnight is $30.

Self Care Board:  $200 per month, per stall, includes sawdust.  You supply & bring all feed and are responsible for
feeding, watering, cleaning your stall & turn-out/exercise of your horse(s).  In most cases, we can drop your feed to your horse once a
day, for a small additional charge, so you only have to come once a day to care for your horse(s).

* Partial Care Board:  Customized board to include or exclude whatever you wish.  For example, if you would
like to be responsible for cleaning your own stall, reduce the monthly fee by $50.  Other terms readily
available, just let us know what you need!  

Riding Lessons:   1 lesson = $1000 (If you expect a miracle, you're going to have to pay for it!)      
Multiple lessons =  $40/hr.
$25 half hour
LESSON PACKAGE:  10 lessons = 10% discount:    9 lessons = $360, get the 10th one free!

* Horse Leasing:  $375 per month, includes full use of the horse and the tack to go with him.  Horses must stay at
the Ranch unless special arrangements are made in advance.  You are NOT responsible for any routine expenses like shoeing, veterinary
or dental care.  

* KC's Equine Consultations:  If you are a considering purchasing a new horse long distance and are
considering a prospect in our area, I will visit with you in depth over the phone and then travel to see
the horse in person to evaluate it's suitability for your needs before you go further in the purchasing
process.  I can make a custom video, take pictures, watch & ride the horse and interview the owner in
person.  For an in depth description about this service, see the page in this web site dedicated to this
new service.  Charge is $100 plus mileage over 30 miles.

*  KC's Country Klub:  $30 - $350 per month, (see page in this site for details)  For 'Dreamers' who don't own a
horse but still have a hankerin' to ride!

* 2 yr. membership:  $1500, must be pre-approved, restrictions apply, see below for requirements & benefits

Play-days:  $35 per horse or per rider  ***NO CHARGE FOR CURRENT CLIENTS & MEMBERS***



*HAUL IN TO USE INDOOR ARENA:  $20 per horse

KC's Horse & Tack Swap:  $100 stall rental fee per horse (Must have CURRENT COGGINS TEST!)
$20 fee to bring tack

KC's Clones Trainer Apprenticeship Program (when available):  $500 per month.  The  Incentive Program (more info.
about this program on the KC's Clones page) requires a 6 month enrollment, which is due & payable at the beginning of the class.   

* Sell your horse for you:  10% commission, based on selling price.

Evaluation of horse & rider:  $40  In depth, thorough examination of the good & bad qualities of a horse & rider team.  
Discussion of goals and aid in determining the odds of accomplishing those goals.  Also refer to the page 'Is This The Right Horse For
Me?' in this web site.

* KC's Clinics:  1 day - $200  (includes 1 stall, but no accommodations or food)
2 day - $400  (includes 1 stall & 1 room in the house, no food)
3 day - $600  (includes 1 stall & 1 room in the house, no food)

* Daily Stall Rental:  $15  Includes sawdust, but no feed or cleaning.

* KC's Ultimate Ranch Race Entry Fees:  $50 per rider in each of 3 divisions:  walk/trot, incentive & open.

KC's Clinics at your location:  $150 per rider (minimum 6 riders) for half day (3 - 4 hours of instruction) or $200
for full day.

Banner Advertising:  Advertise your business to all of our clients!  You provide the banner and we will hang it
in the indoor arena.  Call or email for available dimensions.  $240 per year ($20/mo.)

** Interested in a membership? **

* Are you unable or unwilling to board your horse(s) but would love to have the luxury of riding in a large
indoor riding arena?
* If you board your horse, would you like the assurance of not having your board rate increase without
* Do you want reduced and frozen rates on riding lessons or horse training?
* Does your horse need exposure in new environments?
* Do you enjoy the company of other horse oriented folks?
* Do you yearn for a dry place to ride during our long, cold winters?
* Or maybe you would like to get in out of the sun & flies during the summer heat?
* This affords you the opportunity to ride year round in good footing, regardless of the weather conditions.

2 year membership is $1500 which is only $62.50 per month

1 year membership is $1000 which is $83.30 per month   

Membership benefits include:

Reduced & frozen rates for membership duration on training, boarding, leasing & riding lessons
Use of indoor arena & all facilities (stalls, patience poles, round pens, trails, obstacles, etc.)
For non-horse owners, can be applied toward any feature of KC's Country Klub  
Free tune-ups for your horse
Free assistance at horse shows where KC is in attendance
Free horse & rider evaluations
Free consultations when searching for a new horse and/or tack
Fees waived for KC's Horse & Tack Swap
No commission fee to sell your horse for you
No agent's fees
No finder's fees when you're looking for a new horse
Free participation in play-days, Wild N Wacky Wednesdays and the weekly Reining Rally
Participation in schooling shows
Free stall to use during schooling shows, play-days & tack swaps
10% off the purchase price of any horse owned by KC's "tReining" Center
10% off clinic participant fees
10% off stud fee of any stallion owned by KC's "tReining" Center
Free KC's Country Klub T-shirt
Free banner advertising for your business (you provide the banner)
Horse advice on call 24/7/365!
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"If you want to double your money in the horse business, fold it in half and put it back in your pocket."
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