Is This The Right Horse For Me?
Some folks don't know how to determine whether or not a certain horse is appropriate for their needs.  Here is a
self-help questionnaire (sort of like a!) to help you determine if a particular horse is the right
one for you.  Keep in mind that this could apply to a horse you currently own or for a horse you're considering to
buy.  There's no such thing as a perfect horse, but there is such a thing as a perfect horse for
you.  Please take
the time to ponder the answers to these questions and write them down, making notes.  For best results, please
be subjective, realistic and honest with yourself.

1.  Why do you ride horses?
2.  If you show horses, why?
3.  What are your specific goals in your horse owning experience?  List your goals for the next 6 months & 1
year, end the list with a 5 year goal and lifetime dream.  
4.  Rate these goals on a scale of 1-10  as to their importance, 10 being very important and 1 being least important.
5.  Are these goals realistically achievable?  
6.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve any goals you rated a 10?
7.  What qualities in a horse do you feel need to be present to be truly successful in your areas of interest?
8.  Analyze this horse's breed, pedigree, age, sex, disposition, personality, physical ability, conformation, &
health condition, etc.; are they conducive to your goals?

9.  Rate or place the following from the most important to the least important to you:


(HINT:  If you list color first, call your doctor right away, you need your head examined!!)

10.  How much time are you willing & able to devote to a horse?
11.  How much money are you willing & able to devote to a horse?
12.  Are you afraid of this horse?
13.  If this horse were a person, would you want him or her as an employee?  Why or why not?
14.  What is this horse's level of training?
15.  Describe your current level of experience and riding ability.
16.  Do you feel as though you are capable of advancing a horse's level of training?
17.  Do you feel as though you are capable of maintaining a horse's level of training?
18.  List all of your apprehensions & fears.
19.  Are you comfortable with this horse in any environment?  For example:  trail riding in a group, trail riding
alone, in an arena with & without other horses, in an open field or arena, at a horse show, etc.  List specific
situations where you do not feel comfortable with this horse.
20.  If this is regarding a horse you currently own, why do you own this horse?
21.  Do you feel restricted in any way by this horse?  Please list any specific restrictions that you feel.
22.  How many undesirable traits does this horse have?  List them.
23.  How many desirable traits does this horse have?  List them.
24.  How many horses have you owned in your lifetime?
25.  Describe your perfect horse.
26.  Are you willing to invest both time and money in riding lessons & training?
27.  Do you find yourself making excuses for your horse?
28.  Do you find that you make excuses for yourself?
29.  Do you work harder for your horse than he does for you?

It is understood that you may not know the answers to some of the questions listed here so if you are having
difficulty in accurately answering these questions, consult an experienced professional for an evaluation and
carefully consider any objective advice offered.  If you answer these questions and it does not become evident to
you whether or not you should pursue a relationship with a particular horse, have an experienced professional
help you to translate your answers into effective solutions.  This is a service we provide here at KC's "tReining"
Center, please call or email to schedule an appointment, we are eager to help you achieve your horsemanship
KC's Quotable Quote:
"The only stupid question is the
one you don't ask."
purchased at an auction as a yearling, so don't
dismiss the idea of buying a horse at an auction!  
There are some good horses consigned to
auctions, be sure to get the help of an experienced
professional to help you in your selection.