KC's Carousel

Below is the picture & description of a planned new addition to KC's
"tReining" Center, affectionately called KC's Carousel.  We are taking
reservations for horses who need rehab and/or conditioning.  Rates will be
determined based on your horse's individual needs as we will customize
his feeding program & workout schedule.

KC's Carousel is ideal for:

  • Racetrack lay-ups
  • Racetrack preparation & conditioning
  • Conditioning for show or trail horses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Preparation for riding, getting the horse's fresh out so he's ready to
  • Cooling down after riding
  • Working multiple horses at once
  • Exercising your horse if you're unable to ride
  • Reducing stall anxiety and vices
  • Teaching your horse to travel consistently at all gaits in both directions
  • Once horses are accustomed, it can be used for bitting up and
    learning to carry a saddle
  • Learning to navigate small jumps or other obstacles
  • Can be used year round
  • Use of KC's Carousel will be included in the 1 or 2 year membership

Please call (440) 636-5177 or email kcstreiningcenter@gmail.com to make


The Priefert® Panel/Free Walker is the most advanced horse walker
system on the market and is the pinnacle of ease and convenience. The
Panel/Free Walker eliminates the need to tie a horse to the walker so
horses are able to move about freely. The operator can optionally activate
an electrical charge to the divider panels to encourage horses to keep
pace. The inner and out panel walls are engineered to be Horse-safe™ and
suit a variety of needs.
Each wire divider panel separates animals into moving compartments.
Constructed of 2" x 2" 4-gauge welded wire mesh
Control box settings may electrify each individual panel with a low impedance shock to insure
the animal learns to respect the moving panels and move about freely within their designated
Electrical current is activated optionally and is controlled at the control panel.
Only the divider gate itself is electrified.