KC's Clinics
Want to learn to A.D.A.P.T?

                     3 Day Clinics:
Consider coming to KC’s “tReining” Center and participating in a 3-day, hands-on, wear out the wrangler in your jeans, put some ride in
your hide horsemanship clinic!  Prepare for the upcoming Ranch Races to be held during the Lake & Geauga county fairs.  Limited to 5
riders to ensure individual attention, please pre-register!

KC’s 3 day Clinic agenda:
                ****You may arrive anytime Thursday or early Friday morning****

Day 1, Friday:

9:00 A.M. - noon:  Introduction, assessment of you & your horse and discuss short & long term goals.  Basic arena riding, hone
horsemanship skills, how to safely & properly introduce your horse to new, scary objects.
Noon - 1:30 P.M:  Lunch break
1:30 P.M. - 4:30 P.M:  Introduction to KC’s Ultimate Ranch Race course, back to the arena for more desensitizing, horsemanship
exercises, exchange horses or ride a Ranch horse.
4:30 P.M. - 6:30 P.M:  Dinner break
6:30 P.M.- ?  Evening trail ride, weather permitting, at the ranch for those that would like to participate
Evening campfire

Day 2, Saturday:

9:00 A.M. - Noon:  Introduction to the flag; work live cattle:  cutting, sorting & penning
Noon - 1:30 P.M:  Lunch break
1:30 P.M. - 4:30 P.M:  Refine horsemanship skills, Reining, exchange horses or ride a Ranch horse.
4:30 P.M. - 6:30 P.M:  Dinner break
6:30 P.M. - ?  Evening riding, arena or primitive trails or KC’s Ultimate Ranch Race course
Evening campfire

Day 3, Sunday:

9:00 A.M. - Noon:  Review the previous 2 days, individual work in the area of your choice
Noon - 1:00:  Lunch break
1:00 P.M. - ?  Haul out to local public park to trail ride and hopefully swim the horses, for those who wish to.
For those who would still like to ride, we’ll return to the ranch for more hands on work or participants may disperse to their homes from

This is a rough and rugged (but fun, too!) clinic in which we are focusing on advancing your horsemanship skills, not on the comforts of
home. You will be responsible for feeding & caring for your horse and yourself!  We are located 5 miles from restaurants and grocery
stores.  Plenty of time will be allotted for traveling out for meals if desired.  Even if you live nearby, we would strongly encourage you to
stay here for the duration each day as we feel you will gain more from the experience if you do so.  Of course, this is not mandatory and we
would not discourage you from going home at night to shower & sleep.  

2 & 3 Day Clinic rates:  $200 per day
1 stall and bedding for your horse (extra stalls available for $20 each if you would like to bring more than one horse)
1 private or semi-private unfurnished room and a bathroom to share for you
2 or 3 days of maximum riding time (see agenda)

Facilities include:
1 private or semi-private bedroom (no furniture) and bathroom to share with 1 other person.  We have a large farmhouse in which there
are 3 private bedrooms, 3 semi-private bedrooms, sharing 3 bathrooms
Kitchen facilities, refrigerator, microwave, to share with up to 6 people
Outdoor port o poddy
Trailer parking
Electricity (no water) or living quarter trailers (bring plenty of your own extension cords)
10’ x 10’ box stalls
60’ x 160’ indoor arena
150’ x 150’ outdoor arena
KC’s Ultimate Ranch Race course
Wooded, primitive trails

What to bring:
Hay & grain for your horse, water buckets, etc.
Any tack you normally use and some you might like to use.
Extra saddle pads & girths to allow your others time to dry
Boots with heels for riding
Chaps and/ or nylons to put under your jeans to prevent chaffing since we will be riding so much!
Safety helmet, if you wear one
Plenty of clothes for all weather for you
Food and beverages of your choice
Bedding and sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc.  We recommend an air mattress, cot or something similar as the rooms are
Anything and everything you might need to keep and prepare your food:  coolers, plates, silverware, etc.
Shower supplies:  soap, shampoo, towels, etc.
Emergency contact information & any relevant information in case of an emergency.
First aid kit for you and your horse.
Be sure your horse's shoes are properly fit and tight.
For your protection, please be sure your horse is well vaccinated, including Strangles and West Nile.  Be sure to booster these at least 2
weeks prior to attending a clinic.  Bring a coggins test and health papers if you have them.

Grain & hay for your horse
Stall cleaning, feeding, watering, caring for your horse
Food & beverages for you

What to expect:
On the job training, learning by example and practice.  I have grouped these clinics beginner & intermediate and intermediate & advanced
because each group can learn significantly from the other and there are far more intermediate riders in the horse community.  
Please be ready to ride by 9:00 A.M. each day, if your horse needs extra warm-up time, please allow extra time for this before 9 A.M.
4 to 8+ hours of riding each day.
Be prepared and open to the idea of riding several other horses and allowing others to ride your horse, supervised.
We will haul out to a local park to trail ride Sunday afternoon during the clinic, with the idea of swimming the horses, so bring anything
you might need additionally for that adventure!

Please call or email with questions or with your comments & suggestions.
1 Day Saturday Clinics:
Cost:  $200 for 7+ hours of riding

1 Day Schedule:
Please have your horse tacked & warmed ready to ride by 9:00 A.M.
9:00 A.M. - Noon:  Introduction and assessment of you & your horse, discuss long & short term goals.  
Basic safety & horsemanship skills, how to introduce your horse to an unfamiliar object.  
Noon - 1:30 P.M:  Lunch break:  pack a lunch or drive to a restaurant 5 miles away.
1:30 P.M. - 5:30 P.M:  Review  morning session.  Exchange horses with others in the group or ride a
Ranch horse, begin working the mechanical cow, navigate an obstacle course.
Dinner and then an evening trail ride, weather permitting, for those who wish to participate.

See description below for what to bring and what to expect, we always put safety first!!
KC's clinics are open to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.  Please see
the schedule for your riding level.  Each clinic is geared specifically to your riding
level and limited to 4 to 5 riders to ensure that participants get plenty of
individual attention.  Please check this page often to get updates on scheduling.
If you are yearning to advance your horsemanship skills, we can help!
We emphasize cross training to produce a truly well rounded, confident horse &
rider team.  The sky’s the limit and we will
‘adapt’ our schedule to benefit the
group, based on areas of interest including, but not limited to:  reining, cutting,
team penning & sorting, groundwork, safe horse handling, horsemanship,
obstacle work, breaking a horse, problem solving, trailer loading, harness &
driving, etc.
Be prepared to ride other horses and allow others to ride your horse.  You'll have
the opportunity to ride up to 8+ hours each day!!  Rain or shine.  
Must pre-register!!  Credit cards accepted through PayPal's secure site below.  
Sorry, no refunds but substitutions are acceptable.  
Bring your own food & drink.  Spectators are always free.
Please send us your feedback, we love input!
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"Whether you think you can
or you cannot, you are right."
March 21, 2009 1 Day Clinic Participants L-R:
Erica Brininger, Rock Creek, OH riding Yukon, Rise LeBlanc,
Huntsburg, OH riding Bear, Traci tate, London, OH  riding Joe &
Tillie Jeffers, London, OH riding Annie
April 18, 2009 1 Day Clinic Participants L-R:
Kristin Guido, Williamsville, NY with Cash, Lindsay Kober,
Syracuse, NY with Spitfire, Anna Farney, Buffalo, NY with Shadow
and Erica Brininger, Rock Creek, OH riding Mr. Brown
June 27, 2009 1 Day Clinic Participants L-R:
Amy Collen, Painesville, OH, on Nessa, Casey Pierce on Gunner,
Sandra Schwabb, Auburn, OH, on Kachina, Barrie Miller,
Garrettsville, OH, on Cowboy, Patti Carano, Lordstown, OH, on
Beau and Rhonda Summers, Tallmadge, OH, on Doc
After our long day in the saddle, we treated ourselves to a dip in the
water at East Branch and ice cream on the way home!!
Pictured L-R:
Rhonda, Patti, Amy, Barrie & Sandra
PLEASE NOTE:  I have not yet scheduled any clinics for 2013 because I am
going to concentrate on training & showing client horses this year.  I will
schedule clinics based on interest shown, please contact me with your ideas!