KC's Equine Consultations
KC's QUOTABLE QUOTE:  "The only stupid
question is the one you don't ask."


~Have you found the horse of your dreams on the internet?
~Do you want to buy a horse from OH, MI, NY or PA but live far away?
~Or perhaps you live locally and would like a second, professional
opinion about a horse you might like to buy.


If you're a considering purchasing a new horse long distance and
have found a prospect near Middlefield, OH,  I'll visit with you in
depth over the phone and have you to send me a video of
yourself riding/handling a horse, and then I'll travel to see the
prospective horse in person to evaluate it's suitability to your
needs before you go forward in the purchasing process.  I'll make
a custom video, take pictures, watch & ride (or drive) the horse
and interview the owner in person.  You can be involved via web
cam for a live showing during the process.  I can make no
guarantee, whether written, verbal or implied, of any horse I
analyze, you're simply getting my educated, professional &
unbiased opinion about a specific horse.

If you live locally, we can meet at the seller's barn so I can see
how you & the horse work together, and discuss your
expectations and personal goals.

To give you a little history on myself, I've grown up in the horse
business (see the 'About Us' page) and have logged in over 25
years of experience with tens of thousands of horses & ponies in
a wide variety of breeds & disciplines with all levels of riders.  
I've shown many, many horses both locally and nationally while
coaching riders to be competitive in and out of the arena.  I've
been very fortunate to be able to make a living doing something
I truly enjoy, but in order to survive, I've had to develop skills
not only in training horses and giving riding lessons, but also in
buying & selling good horses, boarding horses, and helping folks
safely enjoy their horses in just about every imaginable
circumstance.  As I was growing up, we spent hundreds of hours
doing pony rides, horse-drawn wagon rides and hourly trail
rides.  This valuable hands on experience enables me to
competently interview buyers & sellers and then evaluate a
horse as to its potential suitability for your personal needs &
goals.  In fact, I pride myself on matching horses to people!

The fee for this service is $100 within 30 miles; over 30 miles
there will be an additional fee of $0.75 per mile.  I'm willing to
travel within 200 miles of the zip code 44062.  In some cases, I
can make special arrangements to go further, call me at (440)
552-9130 or send me an email at kcstreiningcenter@gmail.com
and let's chat about your situation.
Thanks for reading through!


  • Substantial savings in travel expenses by sending me to see
    the horse for you
  • You save time by sending me to see the horse for you
  • In most cases, I can make arrangements to see the horse
    very quickly, usually within 1 week, to help avoid it being
    sold before you can take a look
  • You receive an experienced, professional & unbiased opinion
    about the horse and its suitability for your needs and level of
  • Live interactive web cam capability via Tango or live chat on
    a cell phone
  • If you live locally & we meet to see the horse together, we
    can have a progressive conversation as the situation plays out
  • Customized & current videos of the horse performing as YOU
    wish to see it
  • Current pictures sent directly to you for your records
  • Immediate feedback about the horse to help you make
    important decisions
  • If you opt to buy the horse, I can help to coordinate a pre-
    purchase exam, offer local transportation & short term
    boarding here at KC's "tReining" Center, and then oversee
    shipping arrangements from our door to yours
  • I can help you decide how extensive a pre-purchase exam
    should be, for example, should you opt for x-rays
  • Any special vet &/or farrier work can be done here prior to
    shipping the horse to you, such as required vaccinations,
    Coggins tests or dental exams
  • You are responsible for any additional fees such hauling,
    boarding, training, vet, farrier, shipping, dentals, etc. These
    will all be pre-approved by you after you fully understand the
    procedures and are in agreement

See also "IS THIS THE RIGHT HORSE FOR ME?" page in this site.
See the 'FEES' page for
details about purchasing
a membership