1. Entry fees are not refundable or transferable.
  2. Judges’ decisions are final.
  3. Races will run rain or shine, after all, cowboys work in the rain!!  
  4. Times & scores will be ranked, then averaged for total highest
    score.  In the event of a tie, advantage will go to the exhibitor with
    the faster time, after all, this is a race!!  If there is still a tie, the next
    determining factor will be horsemanship.
  5. We may offer Walk/Trot, Incentive & Open divisions at each race
    with separate payouts in each division.  Rider’s status is determined
    by the show committee.
  6. Proper Western attire required.  Helmets or cowboy hats, no ball
    caps.  Boots with heels.
  7. All involvement in this activity, whether as a competitor or as a
    spectator, is at your own risk.  Horses are inherently dangerous and
    by simply being in the vicinity of horses, you accept any and all
    responsibility for any accident, injury or death that may occur to
    you, your family or your horse.
  8. Exhibitors & spectators may walk the course prior to the
    competition only during designated times.  If you do not think you
    or your horse can handle the course, please DO NOT ENTER!!  We
    encourage those interested to schedule a practice time or private
    lesson on the course to safely introduce these obstacles!!
  9. An exhibitor may show multiple horses, please fill out a separate
    entry form for each horse.   The same horse may NOT be shared by
    more than one exhibitor.  Pre-entry is required for Fair events.
  10. Stalls are available for $20 per day, call or email if you wish to
    reserve one.
  11. We are not responsible for theft or damage to any property, please
    secure all your valuables!!
KC's Ultimate Ranch Race:  Rules, Obstacles & Scoring
NOTE:  Combinations are likely.

  • Cross tarp on ground, possibly with logs on or under it &/or filled with water or balloons
  • Cowboy curtain made of rope, shredded tarp or pool noodles
  • Bridge (possibly moving, rocking or elevated)
  • Jumps:  barrels, culvert, trees, ditches, logs, RR ties, telephone poles, hay bales, etc.
  • Back through:  obstacle, chalk lines, down hill, between logs, etc.
  • Load/unload in trailer
  • Mount/dismount
  • Saddle/unsaddle horse
  • Ride bareback
  • Ride double
  • Open/close gate
  • Drag object (tire, sack of cans, sled, log or pallet w/ hay bales on it)
  • Roll-backs
  • Lead changes, lope circles fast & slow, figure 8
  • Pole bending/barrel turns
  • Spins, 360’s (in small box or chalk lines)
  • Lead changes in designated area
  • Shoot starter pistol
  • Shoot paintball gun at silhouettes hidden throughout course
  • Ride through round bale feeder (ring)
  • Ride through pavilion/building
  • Ride past, in between round bales, covered with tarp
  • Put on/take off rain slicker
  • Pick up &/or put down an object while mounted
  • Side-pass
  • Side-pass over something
  • Move designated cow into smaller pen for doctoring
  • Steer daubing
  • Rope designated cow w/ break away Honda (provided)
  • Mount/dismount from off (right) side
  • Ride past fake bear/deer/turkey etc. statues
  • Yellow caution tape
  • Throw lariat/lasso dummy
  • Trot only zones
  • Ground tie
  • Pick up all 4 feet
  • Navigate through/in between pens with various animals in them
  • Walk through garbage
  • Dirty campsite, camp fire, clothesline, kiddie pool, campfire, dummy
  • Pass near or between clotheslines
  • Catch your horse in a small pen
  • Bridle or un-bridle your horse
  • Ride past/in between flares
  • Carry a flag or tarp
  • Approach a tied horse, un-tie it, pony it & re-tie it
  • Catch a loose horse and pony it
  • Lead horse through downfall
  • Lead your horse
  • Navigate downfall/log jumbles
  • Step up &/or down
  • Carry mail bag/money bag
  • Pony express relay/hand-off
  • Retrieve a flag from a moving object
  • Freestyle/free ride
  • Water crossing
  • Water box
  • Ride through sprinkler/rain
  • Open/close an umbrella
  • Ditch crossing
  • Muddy path
  • Weave through trees
  • Mailbox
  • Duck under low branch
  • Joust, ring carry
  • Moguls, dirt mounds, hills
  • Balloons
  • Walk over mattress
  • Hangman's noose:  raise &/or lower dummy, rescue him
  • Stand on your horse and perform a task
  • Hobble your horse
  • Calf/feed sack/dummy carry
  • Carry water bucket, dump water out
  • Fly spray your horse
  • Blindfold your horse & lead it
  • Ride through fog emitted from a fog machine
  • Walk over tarp with leaf blower running under it
  • Ride through bubble from a bubble machine
  • Ride past various animals, tied, caged or loose
  • Navigate obstacles with loose animals in the same area
  • Ride through various lighting situations:  strobe light, disco light, etc.


Obstacles are judged on overall fluidity, finesse, control, willingness & correctness.  Horses should be
willingly guided with little or no apparent resistance.  We are looking for horses that can maneuver
through a course of obstacles with physical skill, expression and a good mental attitude. The horse
should travel through and between obstacles with inquisitive desire to go forward without
compromising its calm, relaxed attitude and way of going. It should approach each obstacle squarely
with authority and correct form, with its own style, yet maintaining its willingness to be dictated to
completely by the competitor with no apparent resistance.
Obstacles will be judged individually, each obstacle will be graded on a scale from 0 to 5 points, 5 being
very good and 0 being very poor.  ½ point increments are acceptable.
At each obstacle, you will be judged in 2 categories:  0-5 on your horsemanship and 0-5 on your horse’s
performance.  You have the potential to gain or lose 10 points on any given obstacle (see penalties
Going around an obstacle and not even attempting it, as well as blatant acts of disobedience such as
rearing, bucking, kicking, biting or a fall to the ground by the horse &/or rider, will result in a -5 point
penalty per offense.
We will be exercising a 30 second time limit on each obstacle.  If you cannot complete the obstacle
within 30 seconds, you will be whistled to pass it, a score of 0 will be assessed for attempting, but not
completing the obstacle.
Opportunity for extra credit points will be made available at certain obstacles where the rider can
choose a more difficult maneuver to gain the extra points.  For example, the drop off/step up obstacle
has a higher & lower option for the rider’s discretion.  Also, there may be 2 bridges to choose from:  one
that rocks and one that does not.

HORSE’S GRADING SCALE/SCORING (highest ranking wins):
Based on willingness, correctness, attitude, confidence, disposition

5- no hesitation, [one-handed], superb control, excellent, fluid, fast, very willing & correct.  Could not
be better!!
4 - no hesitation, [two-handed], excellent, timely & correct, willingly guided with no apparent
resistance, horse takes obstacle in stride with no hesitation and in complete control.
3 - minor resistance, a slight hesitation, no real refusal in horse’s willingness to accept/navigate the
obstacle, but does so with minor coaxing (or cueing) from rider.
2 - moderate resistance, refuses obstacle once.  Rider must encourage horse more than a little but horse
completes obstacle.
1 - major resistance, horse refuses multiple times, rider must really encourage, ultimately completes
0 - very poor, horse refuses obstacle multiple times, ultimately does not complete.
-5 POINT PENALTY  for not attempting obstacle.         


5 = excellent
4 = above average
3 = average
2 = below average
1 = poor
0 = does not complete obstacle
-5 = does not attempt obstacle = -5 POINT PENALTY!!

30 SECOND TIME LIMIT PER OBSTACLE:  In consideration of other exhibitors and spectators, if
your attempt at an obstacle lasts longer than 30 seconds, you will be whistled to pass it and be given a
score of 0 for attempting but not completing the obstacle.  At each of our races, we will allow each
exhibitor access, free of charge, to the course that same day immediately after the last exhibitor to re-
introduce your horse to any obstacles you feel need improvement.  


A -5 point penalty in each of the 2 categories will be assessed for EACH obstacle that the exhibitor does
not even attempt.  -10 total points per obstacle not attempted!!
A -5 point penalty will be assessed for EACH occurrence of blatant acts of disobedience such as rearing,
bucking, kicking, biting or a fall to the ground by the horse &/or rider.
A -5 point penalty will be assessed in the horsemanship category for EACH occurrence in the event that
the rider goes off course or varies from the designated pattern in any way.


If the rider falls off of his horse or the horse gets loose and cannot catch & re-mount without assistance
within 30 seconds, he/she will be disqualified.

In all cases, benefit of the doubt will always go to the rider.


Times will be ranked based on the number of entries.  In the event that there is a tie, the favor will go to
exhibitor with the fastest time, in the event that there should happen to be a tie in the time category, the
horsemanship category will be the next deciding factor.  

NOTE:  Each category will be ranked by a computer program and then placings will be determined.  
Please feel free to inquire if you do not understand this new arrangement.
Round Bale Ring
Big Bridge
Round Bale Squeeze
Cowboy Curtain
Dirty Campsite
Tarp & Log Jumble
RR Tie Jumps
Small Bridge
Rider's choice:  left one rocks
right one is flat.
Mini-Mogul & Mud Crossing
Pass Fake Deer
Run & Stop inside 4 cones
KC's Quotable Quote:

"Luck is where preparation
meets opportunity."