"When we've bought horses, we've always tried to do it the 'right' way:  Lots of
knowledgeable advice; see the horse; ride the horse; vet the horse; etc.  We bought a
driving horse from Casey
over the Internet, sight unseen, and it's been one of our best
purchases.  We talked on the phone, she sent a video, talked again, another video of
the horse doing what we requested, more phone conversations.  We bought him.  He is
exactly what she represented him to be, and she's even helped us with him ever since,
'service after the sale!'  She's been honest and attentive and we appreciate that...and we
love the horse!!"

Jeff & Jan Scott
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Haflinger gelding pictured on
driver's right.
"Hi Casey,
We just wanted to drop you a line and update you on the two Percheron mares we bought from you in January.  They are doing
very well and working out as expected.  Sable had her baby in April and we are very pleased with her filly.  Attached is a picture
of the filly at six weeks.  She is a real sweet girl and loves to be handled.  Thanks again for the work you put into these two
mares while you had them, it certainly shows.  They are everything we have been looking for.  We appreciate the time you
spent with us when we visited your stable.  We were very impressed with the courtesy you extended to us and your ability to
relate to the horses."
Bill & Rita Power
Clarksburg, Pennsylvania
Sable's 6 week old filly
Tina, Bill & Sable
Testimonials 1
"I am truly amazed at this great little pony, Spirit!  He is everything you said he was . . . kind, gentle and so well trained.  My 7-year-old son is
having the time of his life with him!  Because this pony is so sweet, my son can catch, groom, tack up, mount and ride independently!  Can
you ask for a better confidence builder?!?  Thank you, Casey, for selling us a truly good pony and for being such an honest horse person!"
Kim Zittel
Eden, NY
Purchased by Ray & Shannon Bard
"Hi Casey,
Justin is still awesome!!!  Amy and him are a perfect match. He
has been everything you said and more.  They have connected
better than any horse she has ever had.  They are working on
the barrel and pole patterns and he learns so fast.  Everyone
loves him.  He has the nicest manners and loves attention.  
Thank you for everything."
Cindy and Amy Snyder
Bay AQHA Gelding
purchased by Cindy & Amy Snyder
"I sent my 7 yr. old, 16 hand Thoroughbred mare, Scarlett, to KC's "tReining" Center.  When I sent her she was nothing but a spoiled rotten brat.  She had only had the saddle on a few times, I got on her back only in her
stall.  When she wanted her way, she got it.  Scarlett was a totally different horse after Casey had her only two weeks.  She wasn't the same horse I knew, she was a better horse and so grown up!  But Casey still had a
lot of work ahead of her.  By the third week, I was riding her.  I couldn't believe I was on my horse after only three weeks.  I went to the "tReining" Center once a week for the next five weeks to ride her.  Each time I was
getting more relaxed , we were both getting the training we needed.  After two months of training, I have a horse I can trust and enjoy.  Each day I ride it keeps getting better.  We still have a couple of bridges to cross, but
we'll get there in time.  All thanks to Casey for being such a good trainer.  I would recommend Casey to anyone who wants a well trained horse and wants to be a better rider.  She was really good, not only with Scarlett
but with me too!"
Ruth Ann Thomas
Bristolville, Ohio
"Hi Casey,

Just wanted to let you know that "Jewel" our 3 yr. old filly is doing wonderful, she is everything we hoped she would be and
more.   It's amazing what you were able to accomplish with her after her tramatic experiences.  I never thought anyone would
be able to brush her face let alone bridle her, and getting near her back leg that was injured so badly was near impossible.
YOU did it all, and she is just a pleasure to be around now.  

You went beyond what most trainer's do, taking her on a trail ride,  to a show, making a video, and even coming to our place to
help me with her afterwards.  I bridle and saddle her by myself now, give her baths (even her face) and she's an angel about it
all.  It's a joy to work around her and not have her freak out when you get near her head or I said amazing!

Thank you so much, and you can be sure that all of our babies will be coming to you for training, and we tell everyone if you
have a problem with a horse....send them to Casey!  Thanks again, we love her and you!"

John & Marilyn Schlacht
Hillside JM Stables
W. Farmington, OH
Casey on Jewel at Squire's Castle
"Hey Casey,
I just wanted to say how much I have learned from you.  
When I came to your farm for boarding, I wanted nothing to
do with a horse except for barrel racing.  You made me feel
right at home and taught me that there is more to riding
than just running.  Everything I said I couldn't or wouldn't do,
you have taught me to overcome.   When I was ready to sell
my horse, who was a rearing fool, I wanted to turn her over
to you for training, but you taught me how to train her on my
own.  You have been a great mentor and friend.  I can't
believe that I go trail riding now & do extreme ranch
courses.  I'm competitive in team penning, learning to rope,
jump, spin, slide, ride and most important of all, patience.  I
have learned the importance of my riding skill to achieve
goals in the sports I want to compete in.  You have taught
me confidence and that all disciplines have a reason and
benefits. Thank you, Casey, for all that you do.  I couldn't ask
for a better trainer or friend.  I'm looking forward to next
year's Ultimate Ranch Race, too!"

Thanks again,
Crystal Burr
Burton, Ohio
Crystal on Reba at the Polo Fields
Barrie Miller on Alley, Casey Pierce on Floyd & Crystal Burr on
Reba stopping for a break during a trail ride at the Girdled Road
"Hi Casey,

I just wanted to thank you for our horse, Red, he is so great with my kids.  He knows to go slow with
them but he will also have some spunk for when I like to ride him!!  My kids have learned so much
from him, so I just wanted to thank you for such a great horse!"

Melinda Noffsinger
West Farmington, Ohio
KC's Quotable Quote:

"Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you get."
"Hey Casey,
Just a note to thank you for helping us purchase our first horse Winner's Circle  HOF
from you (Summer 2007).  He was everything you said he was and more.  Winner
Thanks for always answering our constant questions and lastly with our new "green"
horse purchase, Blue, a Spotted Draft gelding.  You worked miracles with him in just
one hour!  I have never seen a horse go from being so scared to putting a saddle on
and riding in such a short time.  I cannot wait to get him to you for more training as I
am confident you can make him into a great horse!  Again, thanks for your time,
patience and friendship with us newbies!"  
Shannon & Ray Bard
Randolph, Ohio
Ray on Deisel & Shannon on Winner
Shannon on Winner (right)
"I would like to thank Casey for selling my girls
and I Rose.  She has been a great horse for
the girls and myself.  She is very laid back and
lets you do anything you want to her.  Casey
knows her job and sets people up with the right
horses.  I cant thank her enough!
Dwayne L.
Madison, OH
Dear Casey,

What a journey we have had since we brought Diva Alessia to your training center to board for a couple of months until my
husband could regain his health!  You recognized Diva’s undeveloped talent during her first two weeks there and boarding
turned into training.  Five months later you and Diva tied for 1st place in the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition at Equine
Affaire.  In the following 6 months, you and Diva were doing a combination of reining and high level dressage movements in a
Western Dressage Routine at The Quarter Horse Congress in the Open Freestyle Reining Competition.  

Diva Alessia has come a long way in a year from barely being able to canter with a rider to doing reining, dressage, obstacle
races and performing in show competitions.  You are a talented equestrian and an excellent trainer of horses and humans.  I
am looking forward to seeing you and Diva Alessia progress to even higher levels of excellence.  I also want to thank you for
helping me ride with more confidence on my other horse, Sirocco, as I progress on my journey back from that traumatic
accident.  I am enjoying Sirocco more and look forward to riding Diva Alessia!  

Thanks again!

Joan Starkowsky
Winds of Change Farm
Novelty, Ohio
Joan & Sirocco
KC & Diva Alessia
"I've known Casey for over a year now...I started out taking some lessons with her to learn
about reining.  I come from a hunter/jumper background, so reining was a whole new
ballgame for me.  Everyone welcomed me to the barn with open arms, which was such a
nice feeling!  Even though I didn't come out too much for awhile, Casey still kept in touch with
me. Now I have my 2 year old Quarter Horse "JR" boarded at KC's "tReining" Center.  It's
been 2 months now and I have had such a great experience there!  JR gets to be outside as
much as a horse should be, and the care is great.  He's not trapped in his stall all day like the
previous boarding farms I've been in.  Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, and JR can
finally grow up and be "a horse".  My goal with JR is to take him to Congress next year to
compete in free-style reining.  Casey never has put us down or doubted us.  A lot people I've
trained with would not have that much faith.  If we're ready to go and we do, that's great!  If we
aren't, at least I can say I had someone supporting us all the way.  I can't wait to see what this
next year has in store for us here at KC's "tReining" Center.

Thanks Casey!"

Hayley Hoffman
"I was having a bit of a problem getting my
horse to bow.  KC helped me by showing
me that I needed TWO cues:   a start cue
and a end cue. After that, I got all of my
horses to bow.  I met KC at a gas station
on our way back from the Columbus, Ohio
Equine Affaire.  She is one of the best
horse trainers around.  We should feel
lucky that she lives in this part of Ohio.  

Gary Heckman
Heckman Insurance Agency
Worthington, Ohio
"Pairing young kids with 2 year old unbroke horses purchased
from a sale can be a little hairy, but KC has always been patient
with us & taught us how to do the work ourselves.  We've had a
lot of dirt cheap (or free), scraggly animals that she helped us
turn into talented & useful horses.  We wouldn't be where we are
today without her help."

The Hopkins Family
Burton, Ohio
Myca Hopkins
"First of all thank you so much, Casey, for all your help with Joe!  Joe is a 5 yr old
thoroughbred with hopes of being a low level dressage horse but he had balance issues.  
I didn't understand how to correct a horse with balance issues and Casey worked with my
and me!  She taught me to recognize the problem, understand it, and fix it.  I tried
different techniques to solve it by myself but sometimes I need a little help.  Joe was with
her for a few weeks and he completely changed!  He had a great and willing attitude not
to mention his balance issues were corrected.  What I love about Casey is honesty,
communication & general appreciation about the horse's well being.  I've been with many
trainers but none can compare to her!!  She showed and taught me step by step the
exercises and techniques she used to correct Joe's balance for future reference if I ever
come across this problem again.  She told me all the positives and negatives about my
Joe, I greatly appreciate the honesty and she complimented me on the job I had done and
will continue to do with him.  Joe is back home with me now, but it's so nice to be able to
call her with updates on Joe or questions I may have.  I am a dressage rider but I highly
recommend KC's  "tReining" Center.  I believe in cross training for the rider and for the
horse!  Casey has amazing character and I definitely recommend her to any and
everyone!!  Thanks again Casey :)"

Candy B. & Joe
Columbus, Ohio

"It was a pleasure to buy a horse from you!  I initially contacted you about a month
before I actually could take a look at Rodeo, due to Quarter Horse Congress.  
However, you kept in touch with me, answering all of my questions.  You also
portrayed Rodeo accurately to me, I really appreciate that.  I don't like to waste
anyone's time, especially my own!  After riding Rodeo, you still encouraged me to
ride others, which I did...and I came back for Rodeo.  I appreciate the fact that you
were not trying to "push" a sale.  Since then, he has been a pleasure to be around.  
He is only a 2 year old, but he is extremely quiet and willing.  He fits into our equine
family just perfectly!  I also appreciate your follow up, making sure that he and I are
getting along okay, thank you.  Here is a picture of him, along with our other two
horses.  Thanks again for everything!  I will definitely contact you in the future if I am
looking for another horse!"

Maureen Adams
Greenville, PA
Maureen & Rodeo
pictured on left
"I purchased Gunner from Casey 5 months ago and have continued to take lessons with her.  Casey is a
knowledge."  August 2012

Jeffrey L. Ponsky, M.D.
Oliver H. Payne Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery
CWRU School of Medicine
Surgeon in Chief
University Hospitals, Case Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio
"When I finally had more time in my life to pursue a long time interest in horseback riding, luck was on my side when
I started weekly riding lessons with Casey Pierce.  I had some riding experience, but definitely struggled with fear
and well, being totally inept.  I really didn’t know what I was doing and more importantly the reasoning behind it.  Over
the past year, Casey took the time to explain the principles of riding and the impact of horse psychology in a way I
could understand and apply to my own riding.  The more I learned and practiced, I felt mentally stronger and more
self-assured as a rider.  It was like a fog slowly cleared with every ride….and what a great feeling when you can see
through the fog and experience riding with confidence and joy.  Learning to horseback ride with Casey made me
realize once again the true gift of learning and working toward a goal (something I had not taken the time to do in a
very long time).  Even at times when there is self-doubt, when you have an instructor like Casey that can help you
technically and mentally work through it, you can achieve your goals and dreams."

Special “Thank You” to Casey Pierce for being an extraordinary and inspirational instructor – you rock!!
Lori Borlin
Solon, Ohio

Pictured at left is Lori riding PV
"I did not know what to expect when we began taking lessons from KC, but from the minute we
hit the door, she began instructing, from groundwork to tack.  We found KC to be very
knowledgeable and an excellent instructor.  In fact she probably helped me as much as my
horse.  I feel much more confident as a rider and the tweaking of my horse has made riding so
much more enjoyable. And her facility offers so much there is something for everyone."

Ruthie Burnett
Burton, Ohio  
Ruthie & Max
"Over the years, my horse developed some very bad behavior and I did not know how to stop it.  He became
very pushy and in my space.  He would  buck when asked to canter and at times he would even refuse to go
forward just at a walk.  I am a timid rider and this horse was beginning to make me afraid.  But after just one
lesson from KC, my horse was completely transformed!  She taught me how to respond to and prevent any
further bad behavior. I am much more confident and my horse is well behaved.   I found my experience with KC
to exceed all expectations."

Rachael Hutchinson
Claridon, Ohio
"I cannot thank Casey enough for all the help and confidence boosting she has given me.  I had watched Casey ride at
wanted to see if she could help me with some fears after a bad riding experience.  I wanted to be able to ride again with
my daughter without having the fear that every horse is going to run off with me.  I called about a draft cross pony that
Casey had for sale.  I spoke with Casey and told her that my confidence had been broken by a bad riding experience and
she told me that she thought she could help me.  I set up riding lessons with Casey and I cannot tell you what a great
experience it has been.  With Casey’s excellent teaching and knowledge of horses, I was feeling more confident with
each lesson.  Casey makes you feel so good during lessons with her words of encouragement.
Casey was so honest with me when she was showing me the horses that she had available for sale, if they would be a
good fit or not for my riding ability and the type of horse I was looking for.  She sent me a text about a gaited palomino
gelding named Apollo that she thought might be a good fit...and she was so right!  I continued with my lessons riding
Apollo.   Casey was so kind to let me come ride him anytime I wanted so I could get to know him and see if I was
comfortable with him.  Casey always made me feel so welcome and comfortable at her facility, always introducing
boarders to each other.  Casey would invite my daughter as well to bring her horse so that we may ride together.  
Casey was very upfront about everything she knew about Apollo and gave me the name and number of his owner who
answered my page and a half of questions.  Apollo is everything they said he was.  I purchased Apollo on February 12,
2012 and I could not be happier with him.  I kept Apollo at Casey’s for a month after buying him to continue with lessons
so I would be ready and confident for when I hit the trails on my own.  With Casey’s encouragement, I showed Apollo in
her fun show which was a first ever for me.
I cannot thank you enough, Casey, for all your help and confidence boosting.  Thanks to you I have had an incredible
summer with my new riding buddy, Apollo.  We are a nice fit.  I practically skip to the barn like a kid with a new toy to go for
a ride!!  It is also very comforting to know that you are only a phone/text away if/when I need your assistance.  Thank you
again, Casey!  Amanda and I are so happy we found your facility."

Lisa Hill
Chardon, Ohio

Pictured with my trail buddy, Apollo, in our woods.   We spend a lot of time here.
"I was new to Ohio, transferring from out of state, when I found KC's "tReining" Center.  I have a
senior horse who needs serious micro-management to stay in good health, and I am a horse
owner who can be a handful at times, too.  It is such a relief to hear "Not a problem" when I
make adjustments to my horse's feed, medication or turn-out.  The dentist, farrier and
veterinarian visit the Center routinely, providing easy access to specialized care.
Now, just because my horse is retired doesn't mean that Casey has let me retire as a rider!!  At
the Center I have experienced obstacle clinics and schooling shows.  I have been invited to
audit national events and local clinics, too.  I have discovered new ways to work with my horse
within his physical limits and I have taken lessons on other horses who can improve my skills.  
These opportunities are always available and I appreciate the encouragement to develop as a
horse person.  Casey has taken me on trail rides with her horses to some of the state parks
around Northern Ohio.  Honestly, I would not have had the courage to discover some of the
abundant recreational activities this state has to offer if it weren't for Casey!  The boarders at
the Center are a great group of people, too.  It feels really good to sit down and talk, have a
snack, and just enjoy the day out in the country, especially when you are new to the area.
I should also mention that my horse is pretty happy, too.  He loves his structured life, and when
he is in a good place mentally, we work together peacefully."

Kathleen Meade
Cleveland, Ohio
Kat & Vern
"I can't say enough positive things about my experience as a boarder and student at KC's tReining Center.  I was initially attracted
to the facility as a boarder, seeking premium horse care for my horse who needed 6+ months stall rest for a fractured hip, at an
affordable cost and what I got was so much more than anticipated.  Casey's horse care is amazing; the horses are turned out daily
on a large pasture, hay is free choice, stalls are always clean, grain selection is at the owner's discretion and the arena is well
maintained.  Casey also went above and beyond to help me successfully rehabilitate my horse, even when he needed sedated
indoor turnout and I was out of town for a month.  As a student, Casey revolutionized the way I look at horse training.  In addition
to my gelding on stall rest, I also had a challenging ArabX and Casey helped us go far further than I had ever dreamed.  We went
from a horse who would run off when mounted from the ground, wouldn't go over a ground pole and was difficult to be shod, to a
horse that could navigate an obstacle course with ease, jump 2ft+ and was relaxed with the farrier.  Casey is kind and patient as
well as practical and I can't thank or recommend her enough."

Nikki Roshon
Columbus, Ohio
AT LEFT:  Nikki on

AT RIGHT:  Winterhawk
being shod without sedation
or a twitch.
"My ten-year-old son, Evan, has been taking lessons from KC for a little over a
year.  I have always found KC's faciliy to be safe and clean, but even more than
that, I like the individual attention my son gets there, since he is very easily
distracted.  I like the fact that KC understands his unique personality and
caters her teaching style to what he needs instead of using a 'one size fits all'
approach.  KC is firm, yet kind, which keeps Evan excited about his lessons
and fosters his love of horses.   In addition, her once a month playdates are
the perfect environment for Evan to use the skills he learns during his weekly
lessons in a practical, yet fun way. It is nice that someone with KC's obvious
talent for working with horses takes the time to share what she knows with
other people, especially younger people, who share her love of horses." -
Michelle Rodriguez
Chardon, Ohio

"Casey, Thanks so much for the warm welcome. The first time we walked into
your barn we were immediately made to feel welcome and comfortable by you
and all of your friends! My family and I enjoy the atmosphere you and your
friends provide. I would like to especially thank you for the individual attention
you gave to my 7yr old daughter, Juliana. You took the time to talk to her and
explain things in a way she could relate to and understand what you were
trying to teach her. You are a wonderful teacher and have a way with people
as well as animals. We look forward to future events!"

Nick G., Farmington, Ohio
"I brought my horse, Cash, to KC’s Treining Center in November of 2013.  He had very little
training, was disrespectful, and would not move forward at a trot very well, much less a
canter.  I have ridden horses my entire life but I definitely needed help with him.  I started
taking lessons with Casey and she helped me train Cash, and myself.  I also do self-care
board and Casey has one of the only barns that offer that.  She organizes activities,
schooling shows, and trail rides for us to do, and I have met some of my best friends through
this.  I cannot thank her enough for having an excellent barn to keep my horse at and being
an awesome trainer for me.  With her help and almost seven months of work, Cash is a
completely different horse.  We have gone on multiple trail rides, won obstacle classes, and
have had a ton of fun.  We could not have done it without her.  I am so glad that I decided to
come to KC’s "tReining" Center with Cash, and not only have a great trainer but a friend in
Casey as well.  You will not be disappointed in any of her services, her barn is always clean
and the horses are well cared for.  It is a great atmosphere and an awesome group of people
to be involved with!"

Rachel Shrock
W. Farmington, Ohio
"I first met Casey in November of 2013 as a new rider taking a weekly lesson.  Casey worked with me
through the winter and opened my eyes to the evolution of horsemanship.  I use the term evolution
because it is a continual process.  I have learned and continue to learn proper techniques for
approaching a horse, reading a horse, leading a horse and tacking a horse.  I am continually educated
on the thought process of the horse and how a rider can maximize the experience safely.  Casey
continues to get me from one plateau to another and walks me through the process of dealing with
any horse/rider obstacles as they come.  Casey has been very accommodating, extremely unselfish,
fun, energetic and a great example.  Casey tends to the horses herself and provides an environment
as close to their natural existence as humanly possible.  The horses at KC's facility have ample fresh
food and water as well as a customized grain diet.  They also enjoy over 20 acres of fields and woods
to roam with a spring fed creek running through the pasture.   Through luck, wisdom or cosmic
intervention, I found Casey and her barn.  I now own a horse and engage in full board at KC's.  Two of  
my  daughters now ride and take lessons at KC's.  We have participated in trail rides, shows, pot luck
play days, Wild 'N Wacky Wednesday's and overnight trips.  Casey ("KC's") provides a wholesome,
hands on, honest and unmatched experience.  The time my family has spent at KC's has been, and
continues to be . . . priceless!"

Daniel J. Fant
Geothermal Professionals
Dear KC,

I just wanted to tell you that the training that Stormin' Norman received last year was beyond
our expectations.  I sent a pony to you that we routinely use in our business but he was still a
bit spooky and unpredictable.  Knowing he did not come from a great home I didn't want to sell
him, you see we rescued Norman from Sugarcreek Livestock Auction.    After one month of
training, Norm was not only confident, but a whole different pony.  He gained confidence and
we, as his owners, learned how to respond to him and ease his fears.  He now is part of the "A"
team that can go to any event we are invited to!

Thank you again,

Beth West
Ponyland Pony Parties
visit us on the web at
"Coming to KC's 'tReining" Center when I was 16, I thought I had riding all figured out.  I
had a high-strung contesting horse that I brought to KC's in hopes of doing a reining
class in 4-H.  Not only did I realize how much I didn't know, I realized how much KC knew
about working with clients and their horses to achieve a goal.

She taught me how to adapt while riding various horses, which in her terms is the 'Ability
Demonstrated in the Absence of Planning Thoroughly'.  This prepared me greatly coming
into college, because I show in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) where
you ride horses you've never ridden before and aren't allowed to warm up on them-- I
placed 7th at the IHSA Nationals in 2012 as a sophomore in college.

While in college, I always come back to KC to help with my collegiate riding goals and
with my current reining horse.  Whenever I have issues with my horse, she helps me
figure out methods we can use to improve him, which has helped me greatly in the show
ring.  She taught me to demand more of my horse and myself, and challenge our
goals...which we have!  I appreciate all of the time and effort she has put in with myself,
my horses, and as well as my mom, who just showed in her first reining show.

If you have a goal with your horse and want help achieving it, KC is an amazing mentor to
help improve your riding as well as your horse's abilities.  She will figure a method that
will bring out the highest amount of confidence in both horse and rider.

Thank you for everything!"

Amanda Borlin
July 2014
"I want to thank KC for helping me find one of the best horses I have ever owned.
I have owned Buster just over a year, at first I didn't feel us click that well.  I was in the process
of selling him, Casey was with us every step of the way.  She worked with people interested in
buying him she rode him to show him to interested people and let me use her facility to bring
interested people to see him.  When I decided instead to keep Buster, KC was there again to
support me in any way I needed.  She worked with us identifying my concerns and helping me
to work with Buster.  She would ride him at my request because I lacked the confidence in
myself.  I would watch her ride him and gather my confidence to get on and enjoy riding him.  I
live close to KC and was able to trailer him there anytime I felt uncomfortable.  She was always
willing to help with problems, big or small.
A year later Buster is one of the best horses I've ever owned.  We are confident in doing most
anything together now.  I am doing basic training level dressage, jumping, beginner reining,
cow sorting, trail rides and obstacle courses.  KC truly saw we could be great partners from
the beginning.  I am grateful for her patience and guidance as well as her confidence in the
decision of me buying him.
I was so happy with the time and effort she had devoted to my situation, and her ability to
match horse and rider, when I had a friend looking to buy a horse, KC came to my mind.
My friend had recently lost a horse to due illness, and was ready to enjoy another partner.
We went to KC's and rode a few different horses to see what she would be interested in. She
really liked a mare named Rosie.  KC advised us of the medical history of Rosie, before she
would let her get to attached.  KC helped us with identifying exactly what the Rosie was going
to need in her life.  My friend spent many days going to KC's and riding Rosie making sure the
partnership was a good one.  We got to speak with the previous owner who had worked
tirelessly to make sure Rosie had a long and happy life.  My friend bought Rosie and brought
her home.  Rosie has been a great addition to my friends family and has taken care of her small
child, her grandmother, her father and has certainly been a wonderful horse to take anywhere
we want to go and be safe.
My special recommendation for KC is her ability to match the right horse and rider to complete
a great partnership."

Jen Gray
West Farmington, OH
July 2014
"Lucky for my horses that I happened upon Casey Pierce at KC's tRreining Center.  I
found Casey by accident when searching online for someone to help me re-home two of
my horses.  The price of hay and changing circumstances forced me to part with my sweet
mares.  Casey happily took them on even knowing they had foundered a few years ago
which would make finding that special home very difficult.  Short of a long story, Casey
found the perfect home for one mare, and after caring for the other one for an entire year
she offered to return her to me FREE OF CHARGE!  Since my situation had changed, I very
happily took her back and compensated Casey for her care (which she didn't want to
take).  I can't say enough about her honesty and integrity.  I don't know of any business
owner or horse trainer who would have made such a generous offer.  And true to Casey's
statements about matching horses to buyers, she did find an absolutely perfect home for
my other mare.

Because of my great experience with Casey and trust in her, I recommended a friend of
mine bring his 3 yr. old mare for training.  After four months she is nearing the end of her
time at Casey's and will be coming home soon.  She has received excellent care and
progressed beautifully through her training.  I highly recommend Casey to anyone looking
for a trainer or an honest person to buy a horse from.

We are forever grateful!
Laura Russell and Spirit
Brunswick, Ohio
August, 2014