Testimonials 2
"I started riding at Casey's last winter (2007) with a year
under my belt. I started lessons with her and learned in one
lesson what it took me a year to learn at another barn. She
is such a great teacher and I am 500 times a better rider
than when I first came here. I have had such a great time
learning with her and she has really built up my confidence,
and I know I can still learn so much more from her. I would
definitely recommend her to anyone at any riding level."
Liz C.
Montville, Ohio
ABOVE:  Liz on Smoke after winning her Egg and                                                                                                                                                                              ABOVE L-R:  Liz on Leo, Mariah on Derringer,
Spoon class at the Geauga County Fair, 8/31/08.                                                                                                                                                                                  Casey on Jewell at Squire's Castle 7/22/08

BELOW L-R:  Crystal on Reba, Liz on Leo & Mariah on                                                                                                                                                                  BELOW:  Liz on Maynard, an 18 hand Percheron
Derringer swimming at East Branch, 6/11/08                                                                                                                                                                                      gelding owned by Debbie Marcosson;  8/7/08.
"Casey Pierce is amazing with all horses in every way, and she continues to amaze me every time I visit the "tReining" Center.  I purchased a coming 3 year old AQHA
colt, that was green as the day he was born, and brought him right to Casey.  I am a professional Thoroughbred trainer and have been involved with all breeds of
horses my whole life.  I brought my colt to Casey (fall 2008) because I wanted to be the one to sit back and relax, for once, while my horse was trained.  Casey's prices
are the best around for the quality time and work she puts into a horse.  All I have to say is.... WOW!!!  I am very impressed and will continue to bring horses to her, all
breeds and disciplines, for many years to come."

Beth Pandoli
Ravenna, Ohio
"I am an older woman who was looking for a quiet trail horse.  I bought a horse from you early this spring (2008) and he and I just never got along.  I contacted
you and you were very helpful in finding me a horse that I feel comfortable with.   "Beau" and I have done a lot of trail riding since I got him and he is an
outstanding trail horse.  I think he would go anywhere I asked him.  I have never had him shy from anything.  He might give something a second look and move
away from it but never anything drastic.  He's 20 years old and doesn't act it.  He has lots of get up and go!  I love him and look forward to many more " Happy
Trails".  Thanks for hooking me up with Beau."

Susanne Twentier
Hi Casey,
"Just wanted to drop you line on a "job well done" on our Belgian draft gelding "Buster."  He was one of the gentle giants, but a stubborn one at that.  Through
your techniques and training efforts you made him have respect and learn to "listen," which is a plus on any horse. What gave us difficulties with, gave you reason
to train him and the end result made him a beautiful draft pulling a cart much easier.  And you even showed us that he could be ridden, if the courage was
there.   You have a great facility that knowingly you can trust.  Your encouragement to come visit, learn and see what is being done with your horse is a big
plus.  Thank you very much for your time and effort."

Eric & Jody Susman
Windsor, Ohio
"I started going to Casey's for lessons (spring 2003) on my paint stallion, QT's Chief Scout, that I
had just bought.  I was recommended to her from a friend for some reining training and I
decided to send my stallion to her for training.  Scout was bred for reining and Casey was able
to bring out the best in him.  I was out there 4 to 5 times a week watching her ride him.  I
would get lessons on him, or ride some of her other horses to learn what to do better with Scout
and feel more comfortable on him with the maneuvers involved in reining.  Scout was sliding easy
20-30 feet when he got his slide plates on!  She got us in the show pen and we won 1st place
in the green reiner class our 2nd time to a show!       I also bought a 4 year old Quarter Horse
mare that was in foal from Casey, and she was an amazing horse and her filly was really nice.  I
have learned a lot from watching Casey and riding with her.  I always go to her for advice on
any horse problems I have now!  I recommend Casey to anyone who needs help with their horse
in any way.  She is amazing with every type of horse and riding.                     Thanks
again for all the knowledge you have given me over the years!"
Amanda Kite
Medina, Ohio
Amanda Kite & QT's Chief Scout
Lake Erie College,
Painesville, Ohio
NRHA show sponsored by CORHA
"I decided in the fall of 2006 that I wanted to get back into horses.  I hadn't ridden
in 10 years.  I knew at 46 that hitting the ground was going to hurt a lot more than
it did at 36.  My confidence was very low, but horses had always been my love as a
young girl and I was determined to be that girl again.  I started looking for a place
to board, I found Casey.  I figured she was Jim Morgan's daughter and as a young
girl I thought he was a Real Cowboy!  How could I go wrong?  Right!  I was looking
for a place to board my horse, but what I got was much more than I could ever
expected from anyone.  It didn't take long for me to figure out that Casey truly
cared about me and my horse.  Casey is always going above and beyond the call by
sharing her knowledge with me and teaching.  She has made sure that I was
included in trail rides, events and even offered to take me with her when she took a
horse to the vet so I had another chance to learn something new.      Casey always
takes the time to explain what she is doing with the horses and why; again teaching
and sharing her knowledge.  WOW!  She doesn't have to do that.  My confidence is
back and my horse is at home right now.  I trail ride by myself all the time.  I
never thought I would ride by myself for safety reasons but I now realize I can and
I am ready to go to the next level.  I have made a great friend in Casey and her
family.  I am going back to board with her this winter (2008-2009).  I can only say
to those looking for boarding, lessons, or need your horse trained, etc., look no
further.  You will receive much more than you ever dreamed of if you use Casey
and her services.  You'll make a great friend too!  Thanks Casey for all you do for
me and the Equine Community!"

Barrie Miller
Parkman, Ohio
Barrie swimming with Alley at East Branch 8/2/08
Barrie riding Maynard 8/7/08
KC's Quotable Quote:
"A smart person learns from his own mistakes, a wise
person learns from the mistakes of others."
"I met KC out of desperation.  I had entered Craig Cameron's Extreme Cowboy Race at
Equine Affaire 2009.  Upon practicing for this event I by chance ran into KC.  She was
very helpful in helping me in this event.  I jumped into the fire and she saved me.  I
thank her so much.  I hope to continue seeking her advice in the future as my time
allows.  Thanks again KC!"

Al Thomas
Bristolville, Ohio
"Although I didn't purchase my horse from Casey or take part in her
lesson or clinic programs, she and Ken have made me welcome and
both have gone out of their way to encourage and assist me and my
"work in progress," my young horse, Poco, when we've come to the
Ranch Races.  We just competed at Cook's Forest and finished third
out of 25, and are looking forward to the fairs.  Casey is a born
instructor, encouraging and explaining as needed to get the job done

Kathy Lamprecht
Rising Sun Farm
Huntsburg, Ohio
"Casey's clinics are a very productive, positive way to advance your horsemanship.  
There is the right balance of personal attention and practice time, of constructive
criticism and patience, of intense riding and fun experiences.  Casey teaches like she
rides:  honestly, but with kindness.  Each student's lessons are directed toward his/her
own goals, with the size of the steps toward those goals kept within the comfort zone of
the student.  Any question is answered, as many times, and in as many ways as needed
for the student to understand the concept.  Thus, not only can the student work on the
issues during the clinic, but is able to return home with a true understanding so that
the improvements may continue.  The student leaves the clinic a better horseman, and
the horse leaves as a better horse."

Beth B.
Dayton, Ohio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pictured above:  David on Doc & Beth on Dancer  (6/26/09)
"After being bitten by the “reining bug” while in Arizona over
Christmas last year (2008), my daughter, Kristen, followed up by
taking reining lessons with Casey over the winter.   Kristen
gained more experience & confidence and continued turning her
interest into a passion for reining thanks to Casey and her
amazing ability to work with people and horses.    Thanks so
much for your influence and mentoring!!"

Troy Hauser
Strongsville, Ohio
                                         Kristen on Sunny
"Casey has helped me so much with my riding skills and my horse,
Missy, who can have lot of attitude.  I've been taking lessons for a few
months now and even sent Missy for some training (June 2009).  The
change in my horse is amazing!!  Casey has also introduced to me new
things to do with my horse, like Ranch Race obstacles.  She really has
made it possible for me to enjoy my horse!!"

Everett Minteer
Youngstown, Ohio
"I first found Casey's web site last winter (2009) and was considering sending my 5 year old
AQHA gelding, Dee-C, to get back under saddle after a 2 year lay off from having only 30 days
training, (long story there).  I was worrying about the 100 mile distance between where I lived
and Casey's until I saw her ride at the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race at the Equine
Affair in Columbus, OH in April, I wanted to train and ride like she does!  That was cut short
by an accident I had that included a head injury from a bad horse I was sold.  That, coupled
by abuse from other horse people, caused me to leave the horse world for many years.  I
never completely lost my love of horses though.  It came back and I got another horse (Dee-C)
and was in need of help getting back in the saddle on a real green horse.  After seeing her
ride in the Extreme Cowboy Race, I knew she was the one who could help me.  The 200 mile a
week trip over there was a hardship but it was well worth it!!!  My horse is now riding very well
and Casey has been training me also along with my horse.  I was left with a fear of getting
back on horses after my accident.  My horse is so quiet now I can get on him and relax!!  He
knows more than I do now.  Casey has been a very big inspiration to me, I want to learn to
ride just like her, so I can get back some of the dream I once had.  I have my horse home
now and I will be going back over there to take lessons from her now.  Yep, that darn 200
mile a day drive will be repeated for each lesson I take and it will be worth every mile!  I
even bought a horse from Casey, Rusted Smoke is now mine and he is well trained by Casey,
too.  I made many new friends at Casey's and I feel very fortunate that Casey is now my
friend and equine mentor.  The barn is very clean, the horses are well cared for, and the
whole crew there made me feel good about myself and very welcome to be there. I had a
great experience and I can't wait for more!  My husband, Mike, is going to take lessons too.  
He was dead set against lessons until I pushed him into taking just one from Casey, now he
wants more!  Thanks Ken and Casey for being there when I needed you guys the most!!  
Thanks also to Liz Cadorette too for a great job showing Dee-C for me in KC's Ultimate Ranch
Races and everywhere else she rode him!  Take care and be safe all of you!  What a great

Michael Anne Costanzo
Collins, Ohio
Mike on Dee-C (left) and Anne on Smoke (right)
Liz C. on Dee-C
"When I retired from my job in October 2012, a friend of mine (Rise LeBlanc) who takes
lessons from Casey, gave me a riding lesson as a retirement gift.  At first I thought, oh I
wish she had not done that, but it is paid for, so I guess I had better use it!  Well I met
Casey and she put me on Levi and there it began!  I had loved horses as a child, but
after getting bit badly in the leg when I was 16, that sort of finished me with horses.  I let
Casey know about that so she knew where I was starting from.  Casey has been a
wonderful teacher and I have been taking lessons for a year now!  She has taught me
how horses act, what to look for in their actions and how I should act around them.  I
have ridden a lot of horses this past year and it has been fantastic!  My love for horses
has returned!  I only wanted to walk and trot, but after awhile, Casey had me loping!  
That was amazing to me.  At 55 when I started all this, some told me I was too old to
start riding, I could get seriously hurt. Well, I have proved them wrong with Casey’s solid
training!  She focuses on safety first and that is the one thing I noticed right from the
start.  Casey has taught me not only to ride, but to enjoy horses again!  Thank you
Casey!  I appreciate all you have done! Thank you Rise for giving me that first lesson!  I
have a picture of me riding Max, Blue and Bear, one of Rise’s horses."
Cindy Aranjos
Streetsboro, Ohio
January 2014