Testimonials 3
Dear Perspectives,
"I know it’s hard to trust people in the horse world however, Casey is someone I will go back to next time I’m in the market for a
horse.  I purchased “Silver” from her this summer (2008) after talking to Casey about him and riding him.
I contacted Casey after seeing Silver on her website.  I told her what I was looking for and that I had ridden a few other horses
elsewhere but hadn’t found anything I liked. She told me to come over and take him for a ride.  As she tacked Silver up she told
me the good and bad about him and that he was unfinished but had a good handle on him.  I knew as soon as I got off of him
that he was the horse, but Casey encouraged me to continue to look around to be sure.  I took her advice but soon after found
myself loading Silver in my trailer.
Since Silver and I became partners we have team sorted, I’ve roped off him, we’ve been to the Midwest Trail ride, started to
teach him barrel patterns, started gun training him and have logged many hours of riding.         Everything I ask of him he’s right
there for me.
I trust Casey and believe she has a knack for fitting horses to people, she’s an amazing trainer and she puts one HELL OF A
HANDLE on a horse.  I look forward to taking the horses swimming at West Branch again next summer!!!"

Rachael & Silver
Ravenna, Ohio
"Casey is an awesome person.  I purchased a horse (McCues Smarty Jones,
spring 2008) from Casey and had alot, I mean ALOT, of questions about him
and she was there to answer every single one I had.  She cares about people
and wants her horses to fit the people that buy them and will do anything to help
make that match perfect.  Thanks, Casey!!"
Tonya Miller
Eastlake, Ohio  
McCues Smarty Jones
"Casey is awesome!   We were going to buy a mare from her but it fell through.  She did everything she could to help us get her!  In
mare trained by Casey in '09.
Thanks Casey!"
Zoe Burba
Madison, Ohio
"Hi Casey,
I wanted to send you a great big Thank-You!!!!  First of all, to you and Ken for
initially inviting me to your Ranch Sorting and Team Penning practices.  It gave
me something entirely new to try with my horse.  The instruction and training
that is given during the practices is fantastic.

Casey, I'm also learning an incredible amount from the lessons that I have
been taking from you.  Since I am mainly a trail rider, I never thought about
much more than pointing my horse's nose down a trail and going for a ride.  
When I began running into problems and asked you for help, you were more
than willing.  With your training, I am becoming a better rider, my horse is
learning a whole lot more and, most of all, you are building my confidence.

Thank-you for your patience and for being my trainer and friend!"
Risé LeBlanc
Huntsburg, Ohio
KC's Quotable Quote:
"Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else."
"I just wanted to share with everyone how
great of a trainer Casey is.  I have sent 4
horses to her over the years and they have
always come back doing exactly what I sent
them there to learn.  She works with the
owners closely to know what they expect and if
their goals are realistic for that particular
horse.  I will go back to Casey for any of my
training needs with confidence she can get
the "job" done."
Heather Thomas
Cortland, OH

Pictured at left is Heather's horse, Star.
"I purchased a 4 year old horse (Percheron/TB cross) that had no training.  Echo came straight from a pasture and really knew
nothing.  The biggest problem that I had with her was that she liked to rear when she didn't want to do something.  I brought Echo
to KC and asked her to help me solve the rearing problem.  KC worked with Echo and I for about a month and together we got the
problem solved.  KC was a great help to me.  I would have sold Echo because I was scared she was going to rear up and hurt
me.  KC really helped us become a team.  Now Echo and I are best friends.  I have a young daughter that I would not hesitate to let
ride on Echo.  KC really helped both of us.  Thanks KC!!!!"

Carol Hale and Echo
Painesville, Ohio
This was my first time purchasing a horse (Sept. 2007) and
you made it a smooth and easy experience.  I appreciate all
the pictures that you sent and letting me come to visit her while
we were building her a stall.  'Wahoo's Crystal Eye' is an
excellent horse.  I have always wanted a paint and she is my
dream come true."
Jean Hallmark
Mantua, OH
"Like many people I was in search for the horse of my dreams, one that I could
have total confidence in.  I've been riding for many years and owned quite a
few horse's in my time but just never found that certain one that I had a real
connection with.  Casey contacted me about a young colt that I had for sale
that I was willing to trade for a well broke horse.  She told me about a gelding,
Skip, that she had and everything she possibly knew about him.  I watched a
video of him being ridden and wanted him instantly.  She invited me to come
look at him and ride him.  I sweet-talked my husband into making the trip from
Pennsylvania to Ohio just to see this horse (Dec. 2008).  I already knew in my
heart that this guy was coming home with me and told Casey that I'd be there
to get him without even seeing him or riding him.
When we got there Casey was wonderful.  She treated us like old friends and
was more worried about me meeting and riding Skip than she was about
seeing the colt that I brought to trade with her!  I felt a bond instantly when I
crawled onto his back.  He was everything that Casey had said he was.  She
told me that she felt that he and I were going to be a good match and she
wasn't wrong.  I brought him home and I'm more and more pleased with him
everyday. I've always wanted to show for fun but never had to nerve, well guess
what?  I've decided to do a little showing on Skip this year!  Nothing major, just
a few fun shows for western pleasure.  Casey, I can never thank you enough
for my sweet gentleman.  I'll be sure to contact you again when I'm in the
market for another horse or training.  It's really nice to know that there are still
honest horse people in this world.  To anyone that's considering buying a
horse from Casey, please don't fear doing so.  She's truly honest and even
stays in touch after your purchase."

Nancy Gress
Harrisonville, PA
"When I first showed up at your barn door wanting a place to board so I could
train a horse for my brother, I thought I knew what I was doing.  Boy was I
wrong!!  I had been riding my entire life but soon found out that I knew how to
sit on a horse, not to ride.   You offered little suggestions and words of
wisdom so I didn't kill myself.  From that point on I was ready to do it again
and learn as much as I could.  You went with me to buy my first horse,  a long
yearling, next thing I know I am showing western pleasure and english and
me find a horse suited for this and, again with your help and training, off to
the shows we go.  Again we do well!!  Now the ranch races.  I cannot ever
thank you enough for the last 10 yrs. of friendship, training and knowledge."
Tammy Chura
Cadiz, Ohio
"Finding KC's "tReining" Center wasn't just an experience about finding an honest, hardworking trainer, it was about finding a trainer that cared about what
she "turned out" as her finished product.  Casey has worked with four different horses of ours over the years and that in itself is a testament to how we feel
about her work ethic, training methods and facilities.  Not only does she train the horse, but the rider as well as to how to get the results from the horse.  
Casey has personally followed up her training with appearances at shows to make sure it all still "worked" and we were still enjoying the training that she put
on our horses.  She also keeps things new for the horses and keeps their minds fresh and eager to learn.
Personally, Casey is a person that possesses a great work ethic, great communication with horse owners and a sense of humor that is downright
enjoyable!!  I would not hesitate to use Casey again and have paid her the greatest compliment a trainer could get - I have referred my friends to her and will
continue to do so!!

Thanks Casey (and Ken too!)"

Paula Snyder and Family
Cortland, Ohio
I can't say enough about what you bring to the table for someone
who could only dream of being you.  I have never met someone who
has such a natural gift as you do.  I have been bringing my horses to
you now for 4 years and I would never go anywhere else.  I trust that
you look out for the well being of the customer even if it means
putting yourself last.  I do not have the time to put into my horses, so
even after Casey breaks them as babies, I bring them back for
refresher courses.  I have been around horses all my life and I can
say I never knew how to ride until I have been exposed to your talent.  
Beginner, expert or anywhere in between as a rider, the clinics you
offer will leave you with a definite take away.  I have enjoyed the
hospitality you have given me and I hope for many more days of your
company in my life.  I can say not only have my horses gotten the
best "tReining" but I have a true friend for life."

Thank You,
Erica Brininger
Rock Creek, Ohio
My daughter has been taking riding lessons from you for a little over a year now
and WOW what she has accomplished and what I have learned as a spectator is
AWESOME!!   We don't have a horse we can call our own and are thankful to have
found you. Taylor has ridden several of your horses and loves them all.  We know
her favorite is Patch.  You are so great with her and make us feel welcome every
week we are there.  Today, April 29th, 2009, was a very special milestone for
Taylor as she took her first trail ride with you and Ken.  Thank you for all that you
have taught the both of us!"
Kim & Tayor Kolat
Huntsburg, Ohio

Pictured at right is Kim & Taylor on Patch.
"In Every industry there is a leader and there are followers.  In the horse
world it would be my honor to name that leader.  Her name is Casey
Pierce and her place of business is called KC's  'tReining" Center.

People like Casey have slowly vanished.  Her honesty and care for
people and horses alike are not seen in todays society and her service
is simply outstanding."

Albert Smairat
President of Galaxy Clean, Inc.
President of the Galaxy Group
Tallmadge, Ohio
"I started out going up to watch a friend take lessons on his horse.  After
going up twice, I knew I wanted to get some time on my horse and more
importantly, I felt I could learn so much from Casey.  During the lessons,
Casey doesn't just tell you what to do, she explains
why you should do it.  I
used to say all I wanted to do was trail ride.  Now I have entered her Ranch
Race last month (May, 2009)  and am planning to enter next week's Race
also.  Then, in my last lesson she had me work cows!!  I thought ok, but I
was scared.  By the time I finished I was on such a high and so excited!!  I
never thought I would learn to like to do all these things, but my confidence
level improves the more I learn.  I just want to say thanks and I look forward
to scheduling lessons as often as possible.  Now when I trail ride Kane and
I enjoy our rides much more."

Rick Learn
Youngstown, Ohio
"When I first met Casey, I was desperate for help.  I had purchased a
thoroughbred off the track as my first horse, but I had not even had one
horse back riding lesson!!  Wow, what a stupid decision.  I don't know what
I would of done without Casey.  She has taught me so much in the last four
months and even though I have asked the same questions over and over
again, she is very patient and understanding.  She gave me confidence
when I felt like running away from the horse world and taught me that I can
trust some people.  My first experience as a new horse owner was not a
good one. But since I have met Casey, I have learned and experienced
what the joys can be, but also that respect and safety are needed to own
and ride a horse.  Casey is the best in my opinion and I would recommend
her services to anyone."

Rhonda Summers                                  Pictured at left:  Rhonda on Cajun
Galaxy Clean Inc.
Sales Manager  
Tallmadge, Ohio         
"I bought my horse, Dandy, in the fall of 2005, at a local auction.  He was 3 at the time,
that was almost 4 years ago!  In the beginning my neighbor was helping me get started,
but then she moved away.  I struggled along and lost a lot of confidence as time went
on!  In the fall of 2008 I started taking lessons on some of Casey's ranch horses to gain
back some confidence and improve my riding.  The combination of a fearful rider and a
mentally immature horse is a bad thing!!  The more I backed off the more advantage he
took.  He was very rude!!!    I made the decision to put Dandy in training with Casey for 5
weeks.   Things are sooooo much better now.  We still are a work in progress, but we
have been able to get out to some local parks this summer to trail ride and he is now
earning a little more of his keep.  I am so much more confident at home with him.  He is
a much safer and happier horse to be around, and with Casey's help we hope to keep
moving forward.  Thank You Casey!!!

Melanie Yatsko                                              Pictured at right is Melanie on Dandy
Claridon, Ohio
"Before I met Casey my horse and I were both beginners, and I mean beginners.  My horse
pushed me around, stepped on me, and basically did whatever he felt like doing.  That’s
how he got his name Ox.  When I got up the courage to get on his back I would have to lunge
him until he was exhausted and ready to fall over.  Soon he realized what lunging meant he
would have to do afterward, so he just quit lunging and so did I.  The last straw was when he
used me like a bronc rider the whole length of the arena where I boarded him.  We could
never ride outside or anywhere else for that matter.  All I could do with him is lead him
around and treat him like an 1100 pound mini, which was no fun!  Then I called Casey and
talked to her.  With some reservations (I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know if it was
worth spending the money), I had Casey come to pick him up.  After the first week at KC’s
"tReining" Center I was riding Ox.  Week after week he and I kept getting better and better.  
Casey took us on trail rides through the mud and creeks, some easy trails and some hard
ones.  Casey spent a lot of time training my horse and myself to be partners.  After 45 days
of training, I took Ox to his first show and competed in an obstacle course, we didn’t get a
ribbon but he didn’t kill me either!  I picked Ox up after his full 90 days was over and
competed in another show, Ox placed 3rd in walk-trot pleasure, equitation and trail obstacle
course and then took a 2nd in a walk-trot canter trail class.  That really made me a believer
in my horse.  Now Ox and I ride 3 to 4 times a week.  If I can think of it, he will do it.  He is the
barn favorite, he will babysit 1st timers and beginners, kids and adults alike.  He is actually
going to be used for a 4h horse this year with a girl that has only taken lessons for 2
months.  She got on him after her third lesson and he did great.  The moral of the story is
because of you, Casey, I have a horse that is proud, brave, bombproof and truly a joy to ride
now!  I plan on putting a lot of miles on him this year!  
Thank you so much!"
John Ramgren
South Amherst, OH
John & Ox
"Casey, I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!  Casey rode my mule,
Daisy, and trained her to be a better trail & riding mule, I got
200% training.  Also, thanks to Liz for showing Daisy at the Lake
County Fair Ranch Race (they finished 2 out of 24 non pro) and
again at Burton Fair (finished 3 rd).  This was only because of
Casey's training.  I just had the pleasure of riding a 3 and a half
hour trail ride with Casey and my mule, it was GREAT!  Daisy did
just what I wanted thanks to Casey!"
Debbie Marcosson
Painesville, OH
Deb on Daisy
September, 2011
"I have been so impressed with Romeo standing when I
want him to - that is priceless to me and from now on I am
determined to have every one of my horses learn the one
rein stop and to stand quietly until I am ready to have
them move.   I never knew what I was missing until  you
trained Romeo that way - it is so great! Also, him standing
when I am mounting also is huge to me.  I have really
enjoyed Romeo and have actually "wanted" to ride again
which has been something that I haven't experienced in
quite awhile - he is my cool horse that's for sure- he's
something different and it's a good different.  But without
your help with him I wouldn't be enjoying him as much as
I am and it has boosted my confidence.  I haven't
forgotten all and the things that you gave me to work on,
it's given me direction again with my horses, they aren't
just a chore, but are for my enjoyment also and when I am
seeing progress with them it is so gratifying too!

Thank you and thanks for the pics too!"

Melody Plessinger
Wooster, Ohio
March, 2013
Melody & Romeo